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Tasha’s Own is a family owned and operated business. We take pride in providing sustainably produced, all natural, handcrafted soaps, balms and moisturizers.  Our farm is home to an ever-increasing variety of animals, including sheep, poultry and a lively band of Nubian dairy goats. Known for their long floppy ears and the high butterfat content of their milk, Nubians are the aristocracy of the goat world. Our little royals live contented lives feasting on sweet grasses, herbs and nutrient-dense alfalfa. We use absolutely NO chemicals in the care of our herd, instead employing the use of herbal remedies. This lifestyle and diet leads to superbly rich and healthy milk. It is this nourishing and life-giving liquid that provides almost half of our soaps’ content.

Rich in enzymes exclusive to goat’s milk, this liquid gold, when combined with our all natural and sustainable selection of health-promoting vegetable oils, balances the ph of your skin and moisturizes without the use of manmade ingredients or chemical additives.


We welcome you to our little slice of heaven and are eager for you to join our growing group of family, friends and valued customers who share not only in the benefits and luxury of Tasha’s Own Goat’s Milk Soap, but in the joys and challenges of our lifestyle.